The Ultimate Safari Vehicle | What Makes Our Toyota Land Cruiser Special?

It's Entirely Private

All of our tours are private. The vehicle is yours and yours alone for the duration of your adventure with us. This means we can stick around and watch a lazy lion for hours or head back early for dinner. It's all up to you.

6 Spacious seats in the back cabin plus the captain and co-captain chair gives you loads of room to stretch out as you please.

Fully Equipped With Safety Features

Our guides perform a daily inspection of all safety features on the vehicle. This includes a bumper winch, multiple spare tires, first aid kits, car jacks, CB radios, extra fuel & water, and more.

We take safety and preparations seriously so you can let all of your anxieties melt away.

Over The Top Comfort

Bluetooth audio to connect your personal music, custom seat covers thoroughly cleaned between trips, and Air Conditioning are some of the standard comfort features we have.

An on-board electric refrigerator (top left) to keep your favorite food/beverages cold and several electrical outlets (bottom left) to keep your devices charged make you feel at home!

...And So Much More!

A pop-top roof for ideal game viewing. Butterfly open windows to make you feel that much more in tune with the wilderness around you. A built-in canopy for one of a kind bush picnics. (right)

Stand up and feel the breeze in your hair as you race towards a fresh kill or kick back and take a nap on your way back to the lodge. This jeep is designed for you to use it as you prefer.

Don't Settle For One of These!

Too often, we see tourists packed in to a standard 4 wheel drive vehicle or an uncomfortable fully-open flat bed. Not only are these uncomfortable and open to the elements, they don't allow you to stand or have any of the amenities mentioned above.

With Tohe, you'll ALWAYS be in the IDEAL, CLASSIC safari vehicle. Fully open-air game viewing when desired and fully enclosed when required.